Passionate Proclamation and Compassionate Demonstration

There is a growing recognition among those who follow Christ that the gospel of the kingdom is bigger than just passionate proclamation or just compassionate demonstration. Both good news and good deeds–both the words and works of the kingdom of God–must go hand in hand. Each reinforces the other and together help bring heaven to earth.

Several years ago, the Campus Ministry formed a “good news good deeds” working group to explore the weaving of both passionate proclamation and compassionate demonstration into the very fabric of how we “build movements everywhere.” As the wave of God’s Spirit continued to move the larger church forward in this area, the Campus Ministry is committed to moving forward in this effort. This site is just one expression of that discussion.

Not every idea proposed here or resource included here is prescriptive in any way for the Campus Ministry.  This site reflects simply the need to wrestle with this issue, to discuss it, to mine the innovations occurring within God’s kingdom for applications to our organizational goal of building movements everywhere so that every person knows someone who truly follows Jesus. 

Those of us on the “good news good deeds” working group believe that much of discussion around “passionate proclamation and compassionate demonstration” within the larger church has implications for helping us turn lost students into Christ-centered  laborers, for changing student’s lives, for building Christlike leaders, and for launching missional teams to expand the numbers of students and faculty truly following Christ so that they might help fulfill both the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.