Compassion Intl

We are currently working a partnership with Compassion Intl to develop “orphan care” opportunties in areas where we haveWSN Partnerships or potential partnerships. Compassion can also work “Compassion-run” short-term projectsin the approved countries.Here’s the basic info:

Where Compassion works:
– Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, Ghana
– Philippines, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Bangladesh
Middle America
– Dominican Republic, Haiti, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Mexico, Nicaragua
South America
– Bolivia, Ecuador, Brazil, Columbia, Peru

Short-term missions approved countries (extended Compassion-only projects)
– Uganda, Kenya, Indonesia, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Ecuador, Peru

Ken McKinney of Compassion and I (Jay Lorenzen) talked about three different field opportunities: (as aspect of the first/second combination could be “WSN projects going to these countries could offer the students an opportunity to sponsor a child in that country as part of their preparation and then visit that child during the project to cement the relationship, etc”–a cool thought!)

1)Child visits: anyone traveling to a country where Compassion works can schedule a day to meet their sponsored child personally, whether at the child’s project and home, or having Compassion arrange to bring the child in to our country office or a convenient meeting place.

2)Every Compassion country office (24 countries) is available to host a visiting team for a one-day project visit and exposure to our work/opportunity to engage with children first-hand. We can work with our country office to make that a service opportunity, a learning opportunity, or really to target the experience around the goals of the mission team. With special permission, we could extend this into a 2-3 day opportunity.

3)A select group of countries (6) have been approved to fully host short-term mission teams as the trip’s primary host/contact/itinerary. This kind of trip would need to go through approval and planning with each team, and are still available on a limited number only. (Compassion would direct this type of project.)

For now, if you are interested in exploring these opportunities, contact me (Jay Lorenzen, and I’ll put you in touch with Ken and others on the Compassion team. As the partnership develops, we’ll have a more streamlined approach.