Regional and Local Team Processing Exercise

Win Build Send in the Context of Love
Regional and Local Team Processing Exercise

Step One:
Coffee in one hand, pen in the other, Bible open in front of you.  Take 30 minutes to individually read “Win Build Send in the Context of Love” (1 page) and “Biblical Basis for Combining the Compassionate Works and Words of the Gospel” (2 pages) documents from the National Team, and the Katrina Stories.  Mark the documents with your thoughts, affirmations, hesitations, questions.

Step Two:
As a team spend 45 minutes to an hour with the following questions.  (Make sure that you have a scribe capturing the conversation on this document so that you can email them back to your national team coach (RD teams), or returned to your RD team (local teams).

1.    What are your general thoughts and feelings about combining the compassionate works and words of the gospel as discussed in “Win Build Send in the Context of Love” and “Biblical Basis”?
2.    Talk about the natural integration of good news and good deeds in the scriptures.  What do you observe?  (Talk about Biblical passages referred to in the W.B.S. and Biblical Basis articles and that you have seen in your own time in the Word.)

3.    When Katrina hit, the compassion of Christ motivated us to respond to the needs of those devastated by the storm.  As we invited non-believers to join us, we connected with many lost students we seldom connect with.  Some of those were gay and lesbian students from Texas State and other universities, and Molly Gray from Oregon State University.  What do you think about Corrie’s email and Molly Gray’s editorial?  How did CCC suddenly become relevant to Texas State gay and lesbian students and to Molly Gray?

4.    Can we respond to local needs the same way we did to Katrina and see the same kind of fruit?  What needs on campus/in the community are you and your students moved with compassion to respond to, and how can you involve non-believers with you?  How will compassionate deeds and passionate proclamation fuel launching and building movements on our campuses and throughout the world?”

5.    What are some action points for you to take?  (Possible categories: personally, regionally, locally, WSN Partnerships, Summer Projects, Stint teams.)

Step three:
Thanks for participating in this team exercise, please copy your notes and email them back to your national team coach or your regional team.

— Pete Henschel