National Team Statement

The National Team of Campus Crusade’s Campus Ministry produced the following statement in April 2006.It clarifies the National Team’s commitment to weaving passionate proclamation and compassionate demonstration of the Gospel throughout the fabric of the Campus Ministry, and sets direction for the future.

Win, Build, Send in the Context of Love
National Team – April, 2006

• We affirm the biblical basis for combining bold proclamation of the gospel with the meeting of social and physical needs. The God of the Bible is rich with mercy and compassion, primarily demonstrated in His initiative to redeem fallen humanity through the sacrifice of His Son (Rom. 9:23; Eph. 2:7). Jesus is the mercy of God incarnate and lived the most compassionate life ever lived. From the depth of His compassionate heart, He boldly proclaimed the Kingdom, taught people how to live under God’s reign and rule, and brought healing to every manner of sickness, sin, demonic oppression, and death (Matt. 4:23; 9:35). Jesus calls every believer to extend His loving reign and rule on earth through passionate proclamation and compassionate demonstration of the Gospel.

• We also affirm our unique calling as CCC, to help bring the gospel message to every person on earth. There is ample Biblical precedent for stand alone proclamation of the Gospel message, e.g. Acts 17:22-34, and it is often appropriate to simply share the saving message of Jesus.

• For the past 150 years, much Christian ministry has been shaped by a false dichotomy of either good deeds with no gospel proclamation, or gospel proclamation with no tangible help to people in need. Jesus typically met spiritual, emotional, and physical needs in an integrated fashion (e.g. the paralytic in Mt. 9). Similarly, the Church – until about 1850 – was characterized by both compassionate works toward the needy and passionate proclamation of the Gospel message. Therefore, we desire to reconnect the compassionate works and words of the Gospel throughout the fabric of the USCM.

• We desire to respond to crises and disaster with Christ’s compassion, but we do not believe God is calling us to build a relief organization and expend the resources required to do so. Other mission organizations and agencies exist for that purpose. We will not duplicate those efforts, but will partner appropriately with organizations such as Impact, GAIN, Global Hope, the National Baptist Convention, Samaritan’s Purse, Southern Baptists, etc.

• This generation of believers desires to meet tangible needs. USCM Katrina efforts have demonstrated that helping the needy is a transforming experience for Christian students and a powerful way to make deep connections with non Christian students. Also, Scripture and personal experience indicate that the most fruitful explanations of the Gospel usually include the living message of a changed life and clear presentations of Gospel Truth.

• In summary, we believe we will be most effective at winning students to Christ, building them into true followers of Christ, and sending them to launch movements everywhere if we find ways to reconnect the compassionate works and words of the Gospel. Combining the compassionate works and words of Christ can take us to a new level of connecting with all kinds of students and mobilizing them to start movements everywhere so that every person on earth knows someone who truly follows Christ.