This past year a friend of the ministry donated 1000 multicolored evangelistic soccer balls. One of our teams found a creative way to use the soccer balls.

We asked five of our Christian students if they would like to go give out soccer balls to some migrant worker families that live near campus. We also invited six non Christian students we met at another campus to go with us just to expose them to a mercy project and hopefully open their hearts to the ideas of mercy, kindness and grace.

Our team of seven, with five Christian students and six non Christian students met up to walk to the migrant housing area. When we arrived it was rainy and very, very muddy. We had to walk through lots of mud which was humbling and caused us all to have even more pity on these people who lived outside in tents and in mud every day. Even as the Christian and non Christian students took their first steps into the area they were shocked at the conditions and many of them said they couldn’t believe people lived this way.

We split up and tried to pair a Christian student from one school with a non-Christian from an- other. As the believing students went out with the non Christian students they demonstrated love and compassion to the migrant families and loved them.

They went up to random people living in tents and asked them if they had any kids that we could give a soccer ball to. That was a good method because when the people saw that we wanted to “bless” their kids they were very receptive to us. We stayed and talked with many people. We found a few Christians and mostly non Christians and were able to give away the soccer balls to the kids.

The non Christian students were amazed at the love that was expressed by us and our students. As the morning went on we saw our Christian students begin to naturally share the gospel and God’s love with the non Christian students as they explained why they wanted to love and care for these people. Those two hours on a Saturday morning were more memorable and impacting for our students than months of Bible Studies and prayer meetings.

source: CCC staff prayer letter


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  1. ken williams on July 25th, 2008 10:26 pm

    I go to Parkway Baptist Church in Nashville, Tennessee. We have usedthe multicolored soccer balls before in explaining the plan of salvation to others either in the U.S. or Benin,West Africa or Brazil or wherever! Where can I get them and what do they cost? Please help us in getting an e-mail address and telephone number of whomever sells these balls! Thanks!

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