New Generations International, a church planting organization, suggests the following 5 steps in their church planting process–a process that begins with service. Each of these steps are part of a simple process we could use to help launch missional teams to new locations.

1. Begin with Compassionate Service. As Jesus went from village to village, he was moved by compassion, encasing his preaching and teaching in an environment of healing. When Jesus sent out he 72 disciples in Luke 10, he told them to pronounce peace, healing the sick and saying, ‘The Kingdom of God has come near to you.’ It is the light of “good works” shining before others that opens the door to the Father’s glory.

2. Build Relationships. Once we are accepted, the key to everything is relationships. As we build relationships with many, we will find the men and women who will serve as “persons of peace” to help us bring the Gospel to the whole community.

3. Launch Avenues for Discovery & Obedience. Look for ways to facilitate the personal discovery of God’s will. Begin to preach and teach the Scriptures in such a way that God begins to speak for Himself and draw people to himself in ever increasing obedience to Jesus.

4. Develop the Inside Leaders with a Movement Planting vision and capacity. As men and women begin to obey God over time, focus more and more time on developing them as “leaders” who will continue to reproduce ever more churches and movements.

5. Multiply at every level. Reproduction is critical–disciples making other disciples, leaders developing other leaderships, movements launching other movements.


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