The “good news good deeds” team is developing partnerships with various Christ-centered, gospel oriented humanitarian organizations. We are currently down the road with a partnership with Compassion, Int’l. (We’re also exploring other partnerships with such agencies as International Justice Mission, Not for Sale, etc as well as other internal CCC efforts like GAIN and Crossroads. We’d like to develop partnerships with secular agencies as well, like

We’d love for each of the ten regional conferences to give lift to Compassion (or another emerging partnership) by giving them a place on the conference schedule (2-4 minute video and/or emcee announcement) and a place for their booth during their Christmas/Winter conferences. Because Compassion is ready to both deploy and fund volunteers toward this effort at each conference, we’ll be contacting project/ops directors to get approval for their booth/announcement.

We realize that a place for videos/announcements on the conference schedule is not normally given to vendors (e.g. seminaries, etc.). However, we’d like our regions to see Compassion and these other emerging partnerships not as vendors, but as partners in the current effort to weave a balance between “declaring in words and demonstrating in deeds” the life-changing story of Jesus and his Kingdom rule throughout the Campus Ministry.

We believe that giving lift to such partnerships will help us disciple our students in Christlikeness and help us build movements everywhere.

Shoulder to shoulder,
Jay Lorenzen
Chip Scivicque

PS. If you are a conference director or part of that team and have not already been contacted, pls email me at for more info.


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