Many of us are wrestling with a new way of thinking. We’ve embraced in the past the fundraising maxim that “within 5 miles of every campus exist the financial resources to reach the campus with the Gospel.”

Marrty Dormish (Staff STINT–Barcelona) suggests reversing the thinking to help our college ministries think of ways to be a blessing, to extend the rule and reign of God on their campus and in their surrounding communities.

Marrty suggests that we start believing that “resources exist on every college campus to help transform, restore and heal the cities and towns in which these institutions of higher learning exist.”

If we see our ministries through a more “externally-focused” grid, we might see new ways of expanding the “passionate proclamation and compassionate demonstration” of the gospel both on the campus and in the surrounding community. For example, our campus movement could help mobilizing the campus and the resources of the campus to transform the slums nearby, to help care for those in need of social work, to build houses, to reclaim run-down property, to teach kids how to read, to help the uninsured get treatment…and on and on. Thanks Marrty.


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