Brenda Niemeyer has compiled this list of orphan care partners/potential partners. Thanks, Brenda

Orphan Care Resources from Brenda N.


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  1. The Campus Toolbox–Bethany Christian Services : Extending the Kingdom on December 18th, 2007 9:34 pm

    […] Orphan Care Resources from Brenda N. […]

  2. Gary VanDyke on January 8th, 2008 9:02 pm

    As a member of the Christian Alliance for Orphans, and partners with Family Life, Focus on the Family, and Shaohannah’s Hope, Food for Orphans would love to be listed in your resources. Our site is and I welcome any question.
    Gary VanDyke
    CEO & Founder
    Food for Orphans

  3. jay on August 10th, 2008 7:59 pm

    Gary, got it load. Thanks for the work you do. Shoulder to shoulder, Jay Lorenzen

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