As we pursue increasing opportunities to connect students and faculty with what the New Testament describes as “true religion”–the care for widows and orphans (James 1:27)–, we’ll be highlighting opportunities for Mission Team Leaders to use on their campuses. Brenda Niemeyer is giving direction to the Campus Ministry’s partnership with the Christian Alliance for Orphan Care. Below, she describes an outreach idea for local movements that might work on your campus.


I wanted to let you know about a great opportunity. Nov. 8th is Orphan Sunday and the Christian Alliance for Orphans (which the Campus Ministry joined last year) is starting a national movement to spotlight the needs of orphans around the world (the goal is to see 1000 events taking place around the nation on Orphan Sunday). . .and we have the chance to take part.

Would you consider doing something on your campus that day to help meet the needs of 143,000,000 orphans?

We are looking for teams who would be willing to do something very simple. A few examples:

1. Collect some items for Care Packs i.e. simple school supplies (please see attachment for list). This could be an opportunity to connect with other groups on campus and/or fraternities and sororities. You can mail what you collect to Global Aid Network’s warehouse: Global Aid Network Distribution Center 1506 Quarry Road Mount Joy, PA 17552 Phone: 717-285-4220

2. Collect shoes for orphans (many have never had a pair of shoes). This could be a great way to connect with and serve with other groups on campus, even very secular ones. Again, you can ship the shoes to Global Aid Network for distribution or anywhere else you would like. Global Aid Network Distribution Center 1506 Quarry Road Mount Joy, PA 17552 Phone: 717-285-4220

3. Show an orphan related movie on campus and collect a dime as admission – one dime feeds a child a meal (see this link).

Here are some other movie suggestions: http://www.orphansunday.org/resources/orphan_themed_movies

There are many more ideas out there – these are some of the simplest. You can check out www.orphansunday.org <http://www.orphansunday.org> if you are interested in youtube videos, bible study materials, advertising posters and fliers, a simulation etc.

This is such a great opportunity to connect with believing and non-believing students on your campus. They want to be part of meeting the needs of others. Half of the students who went on projects with a strong humanitarian component this last summer specifically chose those projects because they were going to get to live out the gospel by sharing His love in tangible ways as well as by telling people about Him. Pretty exciting to think of this next generation taking a stand for those in need!!

Please let me know if you plan to host/sponsor an event on Orphan Sunday. If you have any questionsyou can reach me by phone or email. 303-260-9973. I would be glad to help you in any way I can. — Brenda Niemeyer (CCC Partnership Director For Christian Alliance for Orphans)

CarePack Supply Checklist.pdf


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