If you are using Firefox as your browser and want to help me post to this site, go to ScribeFire and download it. It’s a desktop blogging platform within your browser–makes posting very easy. Then, from within your browser, you can post to this site. Once you’re ready to load this site, email me at JayLLL@aol.com and I’ll send you the username and password. Thanks for the help. We’re getting lots of stories, articles, etc. that we’d love to have the community join us in posting here. As we do so, we can continue to discuss ways in which to bring a greater balance to both our bold proclamation and compassionate demonstration of the gospel. Thanks, Jay

Here are a mix of other free blogging platforms–mostly for Windows (but several work with Macs as well). Again, email me and I’ll send you the particulars to sign on to this site. jll