“Hope Lives: A Journey of Restoration” (Amber Van Schooneveld)

I heard from several staff that Hope Lives offers a challenging, yet gentle introduction to the greatest issues facing Christ-followers today. Amber takes you on a five-week journey of introspection and prayer—unpacking what keeps you and me from engaging in global issues. It’s probably the best primer on what the Scripture really says about the poor and the nature of poverty and on how you and your disciples/movements can respond to God’s voice as he speaks to you about poverty.

I’ve been deeply challenged by the missiologist’s claim that the greatest divide is not linguistic or cultural or religious, but “socio-economic.” If 2-3 billion people live on less than 2 dollars a day, it’s hard to imagine we can help fulfill the Great Commission if our disciples never learn to understand the poor and learn to cross this economic divide with the words and works of the Gospel.

Consider using this book and related curriculums with your discipleship groups.

The folks at Micah Challenge US put together an excellent set of bible studies. Use them to help your students/disciples to develop a heart of compassion.

Bible Study 1 – Who is my Neighbor?

Bible Study 2 – What is True Religion?

Bible Study 3 – Neighbors Local and Global

Bible Study 4 – The Church, Pop Stars, and Politics