The folks at Micah Challenge US put together an excellent set of bible studies. Use them to help your students/disciples to develop a heart of compassion.

Bible Study 1 – Who is my Neighbor?

Bible Study 2 – What is True Religion?

Bible Study 3 – Neighbors Local and Global

Bible Study 4 – The Church, Pop Stars, and Politics

When someone comes to faith in Christ, it is vital to establish them in their new-found faith. Campus Crusade for Christ has a series of “follow-up” materials for this purpose. They are: 1. Christian Certainty; 2. Confession of Sin; 3. The Ministry of the Holy Spirit; 4. Growth; 5. Bible Study; 6. Prayer; 7. Godly Relationships

The material for download below (or at this page) was developed by Andy Swanson when he was on Stint in East Asia and was burdened to teach believers the privilege and responsibility of walking in “the good works prepared in advance for us to do.” (Eph 2:10)

Andy suggests the following as “Follow Up” #8.

Follow Up 8.pdf

— Andy Swanson