Do you have a burden for the poor or others in the margins of society and want to get students involved?

Here’s a list of potential partners – it’s from World Magazine’s “Profiles in Effective Compassion” (’06 & ’07). These groups are offering tangible help, seeing long-term results, and “soaking every activity with the gospel.” Most are local, but some national or international – check out their websites.

  • Bay Area Rescue Mission, Richmond, CA
  • Jobs for Life, Raleigh, NC
  • Rachel’s House, Columbus, OH
  • CityTeam Ministries, Chester, PA
  • Manoomin Project, Marquette, MI
  • Earth Keeper Project, Livonia, MI
  • Christian Women’s Job Corps, Nashville, TN
  • (Google the Rest)
  • A Hand Up for Women, Knoxville, TN
  • Guiding Light Mission, Grand Rapids, MI
  • Habitat for Humanity, Flint, MI
  • Mission Solano, Fairfield, CA
  • Urban Promise, Camden, NJ
  • Truth Seekers, Memphis, TN
  • A Way Out, Memphis, TN
  • Crossroads Center Rescue Mission, Hastings, NE
  • Citizens for Community Values, Memphis, TN
  • Neighborhood Christian Center, Inc., Memphis, TN
  • Mariner’s Church Lighthouse Community Center, Santa Ana, CA (50 programs focused on Minnie Street)
  • St. Francis Center, Redwood, CA
  • Mile High Ministries, Denver, CO
  • Interfaith Housing Coalition, Dallas, TX
  • Christian Women’s Job Corps of Middle Tennessee, Nashville, TN
  • Victory Trade School, Springfield MO
  • Arkansas Sheriff’s Youth Ranches, Little Rock, AR
  • Happy Hands Education Center (Ministry to the deaf), Tulsa, OK
  • Vision Youthz, San Francisco, CA

Look for service opportunities that:

  • Connect students with people and where there’s potential for long-term relationships to develop
  • Unbelievers can be invited to join you
  • Students can be equipped to connect the story of Jesus with the stories of people they serve

These things lead to long-term solutions and impact, to transformed lives, and to people coming into the Kingdom.–Chip S.