Chip recently receive the following prayer letter from B (one of our students/volunteers in a closed country). B writes:

Isaiah 58: “Share your bread with the hungry and bring the homeless poor into your house; when you see the naked, cover him . . . then shall your light break for like the dawn, and your healing shall spring up speedily; . . . you shall call, and the Lord will answer.”

A Dawning Light

For the past 3 months the Lord has laid this passage along with several others like it on my heart. I have realized that I don’t live a lifestyle of helping the orphans, poor, or widowed. In the passage above it says, “Then shall your light break forth.” That is what I want for this place.

We are starting a ministry campaign in our city called the “Isaiah 58 Campaign.” For the next 4 months we will attempt to establish a system that this city can use for years to come in order to care for these people. We will be doing this as part of efforts to reach the 20,000 college students here. Our prayer is that we take the Christian and non-Christian students out and share with them AS we care for the needy, that the light of Christ will break forth here, like the dawning of the sun.

This has already begun!!! Last Friday, I spent 3 hours explaining the gospel to Camaro, a freshman student, in light of the needs of 50 orphans I went to visit. Somehow, the Lord used this simple conversation and the great needs of these orphans, to pierce Camaro’s heart and lead him to starting a relationship with Him.

The Lord isn’t just laying this on the hearts of my team and I, he is also heavily speaking to the hearts of the national leaders in this country. During our national conference, I was given an opportunity to speak about Isaiah 58. I’m excited to see what the Lord will do with this country in light of our humble efforts to care for those that many people over here have forgotten about. Pleas pray for us in this!

That the World might know . . .


Embedded in Brenda’s research about international orphan care partnerships/potential partnerships is a reference to Bethany Christian Services. Larry Stephens and Ruth Rhea within our campus ministry leadership have been in discussions with Bethany about summer project opportunties, etc.

One outcome from this emerging partnerships applies to our day to day work on campus. As we work to be a blessing at our particular campus and to care about the things that Jesus cares about, we often stand shoulder to shoulder with students who find themselves with an unexpected pregnancy and would like info on adoption opportunities.

Bethany has offered their help.

If you’d like to connect students with Bethany, contact Larry first at He’ll help you get connect with the right folks at Bethany.

Brenda Niemeyer has compiled this list of orphan care partners/potential partners. Thanks, Brenda

Orphan Care Resources from Brenda N.